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Apache Open Office - Free open source productivity suite. 

Firefox and Thunderbird - Alternatives to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express email client.

Smart Biz - Internet technology resources for startup and small businesses.

Stay Safe Online - Provides free and non-technical cyber security and safety resources to the public, so consumers, small businesses and educators have the know how to avoid cyber crime.


Drudge Report - National and international news links.

Fact Finder - US Census Bureau fact finder.

Fed Stats - Gateway to statistics for over 100 government agencies.

How Stuff Works - Explanations from a to z.

Hyper Stat - An introductory-level textbook in statistics covering descriptive and inferential statistics.

Library of Congress - Legislative information from the Library of Congress.

Merriam-Webster - Merriam Webster online dictionary including audio pronunciation.

National Weather Service Forecast - Provides official forecasts and warnings for Western Maine and all but Southwest New Hampshire as well as the surrounding Coastal Waters.

Public Company Information - Information on publicly held companies.

Scholars' Guide to WWW - Extensive listing of scholarly information on the World Wide Web.

Refdesk.com - Extensive listing of free reference, facts, and news sources.

US Supreme Court Media - The Oyez Project is a multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court of the United States and its work.

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